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About Us



Talo Law and Consultancy

Talo Hukuk has been providing legal and consultancy services to both individuals and national and international commercial companies with its experienced and dynamic structure since its establishment.

We aim to protect their rights in the best way by developing innovative and solution-oriented strategies in accordance with the commercial objectives and approaches of our clients with our staff who specialize in different legal fields and constantly improve themselves in a changing legal system.

By prioritizing professionalism, it is our principle in our efforts to understand the needs of our clients with the utmost importance we attach to the trust and sincerity that forms the basis of the proxy relationship; to respond to this need in a timely manner with an open, understandable and effective service understanding.

As Talo Hukuk, we provide legal advice to our clients in writing and verbally in order to ensure that our clients are informed about the legal disputes that may arise after the legal dispute arises and to provide the most useful and fastest solution of the dispute for our client, and to identify the problems that may arise before the dispute arises.